Small Business Startup

Small business startup is a dream most people have. For some they turn this dream to reality, for majority of us it is difficult to realize such dream.

Small business startup involves lot of risk. But there is no reward without a level of risk.

Why People Start Business

The major reasons why people start a small business include the following:


No one enjoys been told what to do and when to do it. Some people sees it as a pain working for others, to many there is independence when working as an entrepreneur, though you still have to be disciplined and have the ability to get on with others.

Personal satisfaction

Most people are of the opinion that they are over worked and under pay, in addition most jobs have little real job security.In contrast if you work for yourself you can construct your work pattern and give yourself job security and unlimited pay growth. When you work for yourself you do things your way and make your own decision and these brings about the personal satisfaction enjoyed by an entrepreneur.

Wealth creation

Many people start their own business because of wealth creation. When you succeed in your business you will definitely make money. Entrepreneurs are wealth creators but it does not start so easily.

Other reasons people start business includes

  • Being your own boss
  • Being able to capitalize on specific skills
  • Creating a business for the family
  • Working without having to rely on others
  • Being a major competitor
  • Providing new brands of products

All these reasons for starting small business have a central theme of personal satisfaction.

You should be able to identify your own reason of starting a business. 

Personal attributes required in starting up a small business

The following are specific attributes required by anyone who is starting small business

Self motivation

Self motivation is the ability to motivate oneself and to find the necessary strength to do a task, without been influenced by another person. It is working persistently without giving up. When you are self motivated you always keep up the momentum.

Self motivation is an attitude of the mind that you need to develop in order to excel as an entrepreneur. Your attitude must at all time be to develop your business.

Time management

Time management refers to different skills, tools and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific task, projects and goals. Time management is important for activities like planning, allocating and goal setting.

A proprietor or entrepreneur will have to be very good in time management in order be able to carry out the task of managing a business.

Other required attribute for starting a business include

  • getting message across
  • seeing opportunity for improvement
  • not been put off by setbacks
  • been able to motivate people at work
  • Problem solving skills

When you have or develop most of these skills it will be easier for you to run you own business. Don’t forget that there is no one standard skill needed. But these are skills possessed by most entrepreneurs.

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