Signing Up Ebay

The First Step

If you already have an EBay account, you may want to skip to the next section.

Start out by by going to You will need the following information to get started.

• Your full name -This one should be easy enough, I hope.

• Your mailing address - use the address where your customers will send payments and where you will ship items from.

• Your phone numbers - if an eBay member needs to get in touch with you and can't, he or she can request your phone number from eBay

• Your e-mail address - I highly recommend that you create a new e-mail address ONLY FOR EBAY USE. The automation techniques that I will be teaching in the future chapters will require an email account specifically for your EBay business.

Your eBay user ID - If you plan to specialize in a particular niche, use your eBay ID to advertise this. For example, if your name is Tom and you're selling ebooks, try tomslibrary. If you have yet to pick a niche, wait until you read the chapters on picking your products to signup for your account. Picking your user ID can be a very important thing, especially until you get a lot of feedback or become a powerseller. If you have a website, you can make your ID your site’s name. For example, if I was just starting to sell on EBay, I would make mine Of course, EBay has changed it’s policy, again. I would have to make it **** or maybe profit-waredotcom because EBay no longer allows domain names as user names.

• Your Password – It is a good thing to pick a password that means nothing to you. By that I mean to pick one that has nothing to do with your address, your birthdate, or anything else that a hacker could figure out. In fact, it’s good to change it every now and then just in case.

• Secret Question – Now you get to pick the question that you will answer in order to receive your password if you have forgotten it.

After you fill everything out and submit it, EBay will send you an email that you must confirm before your account becomes active.

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