Technology Has the Answer: Key Things to Look for in Ecommerce Shipping Software Solutions

Most eCommerce shopkeepers regard their online business like it’s their baby or their brainchild – because it most often is.

Countless hours are spent building such businesses into profitable enterprises that can help create either a full-time or a passive, residual income for the shopkeeper.

How you approach technology, and the integration of it into your online store, is integral to your present and continued successes.

Not all shipping tools downloads are the same (read a related article about the benefits of shipping tools downloads), and no shipping software is quite like the next. Use these tips to know what you should look for right off the bat.

Three Features You’ll Need

You will require a robust feature set, that’s assured. But three key features really stand out that should be mandatory for you in your search for a full-featured solution.

1.    Multi-carrier support: the software that you choose should have support for all three major carriers in the U.S. You should have the option to ship using the carrier of your choice.

2.    Shopping cart/marketplace integration: The shopping cart and marketplace you use should be integrated and compatible with the software solution. Make sure you check into this, because many shipping tools downloads offer varying integration and support.

3.    Shipping labels and discount postage: Make sure that the software you are considering can print compatible shipping labels for all major carriers. What’s more, those labels should be able to coordinate with discount postage providers, so you can take advantage of discounted USPS shipping rates as well.

Try Before You Buy

Simply put: all premium providers of a shipping tools download will offer a trial period. This is where you can try the software before you buy it. Make sure there are no contracts to sign and that no credit card is required.

You should be able to try and use the software for at least 10 days before you have to upgrade. This is so that you can get a good idea of the fit and feel of the software in your ecommerce enterprise.

Other Things to Consider

Bear in mind these other key elements along the way.

·         Automators should be in place to facilitate instant data import.

·         You should be able to shop carrier rates with just a few clicks.

·         You should be able to print shipping labels with another few clicks.

·         Good software helps you find order errors in seconds.

·         You should even be able to create custom rules for your software to automate rate-finding assignments and ship type.

Finding the right software solution for your online store will take some work on your end. If you spend time comparing solutions and testing out a few that you like, you’ll quickly realize the potential and benefit. Being able to save time and money with your shipping process in the aftermath… well that’s just good thinking.

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