Main reasons why you should use a same day delivery services

Business has always been a game of supply and demand but over the past decade or so we have seen something of a revolution in terms of e-buying that has allowed consumers to seize a great deal of power over the manner in which they order and receive their goods.

There is now a good deal of competition across a wide number of sectors to meet and, where possible, exceed these consumer demands. If your business involves utility installations such as internet, gas, electricity and water, customers will simply not want to use your services if you have to wait for parts.

Even a day without internet is insufferable to the modern consumer, so it is imperative that your parts supply chain can cope with the expectation.

So what express delivery options are open to you?

Most couriers offer a next day service but in the best cases this will mean that the item arrives around 24 hours after it is ordered. This is likely to be part way through the following working day and may clash with other scheduled work and cause engineers time to be used less than efficiently.

A preferable option is same day delivery. This really comes in two different forms. Firstly, many delivery companies now offer relay services for their largest customers, which ensure the parts their engineers need are with them the very next morning before their shifts start. Crucially this is even possible with products ordered very late on the previous day and there is no tangible delay incurred to the consumer.

Many installation engineers actually start their day’s work at the local delivery company depot before heading out to complete their scheduled work.

The second form of same day delivery service is the bespoke service whereby a collection and drop will be tailored to the needs of your business or individual requirements. This provides excellent flexibility in terms of meeting customer expectations.

Another benefit to this is that it is usually lucrative enough for the courier company that they will bend over backwards to accommodate your delivery needs.

There is a shift of emphasis away from that of next day delivery wherein you are required to post or have your collection arranged for given latest time in the day, which is primarily determined by the needs of the courier company. Instead your business needs and the needs of your customers take precedence.

Something else to bear in mind about a same day delivery setup is that it is something that has only been technologically possible to achieve relatively recently. This means that the mechanisms and supply chain setups involved are much more purpose built than ones that have been developed out of necessity from existing postal architecture.

It is obvious that delivery services really are horses for courses and that there is no single solution however with consumer demands and speed of transactions only going one way, it is important to consider the benefits that same day delivery can bring to your business going forward.

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