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Government small business loans grants

Government small business loads grants might just be all what you need to get started in a business. This is because many people want to go into business but getting loans is a problem. This article will help you to know which support you need and the business start up grants there are available.

People go into business to make profit. No doubt if you invest in one business too, the notion is to make money. The question is what business can you start with if you don’t have one? And if you are a small business owner or thinking of starting a business, do you face a challenge to get money to start your business?

First, it is possible to start with one business although, starting it may pose a challenge since there is no fund to do it.

Today’s world has created schemes. Among these schemes you can start a business with. The truth is business money is out there to be claimed, and still, every year there is a report of cashes in many accounts without using it to invest. Form this money just sitting in one account you can get as a loan to start your business. You can also seek for supports from others.

Types Of Business Support

It is obvious that virtually all publicly funded schemes are designed to encourage new and growing businesses, to bring wealth and ultimately create jobs. Therefore, to make this a success, the government have gone a little more forward to provide a portion of taxpayers’ money to help and encourage enterprise through small business grants.

The bodies controlling this cash are ministries of different types, departments, agencies and quangos on a national and local basis. The beauty of this is that most businesses are eligible at any one time to apply for a number of different business start-up grants and support schemes which are distributed in a wide variety of forms.

Business Start-up Grants Available

To benefit from the available business grants, you need to know where to get them and then choose your choice.

Direct grant: We call this a cash award. And it includes giving out for activities such as training, employment, export development, recruitment or capital investment projects. The principle behind this is that with a direct grant most schemes usually require the company involved to put up around 50% of the cost.

Repayable grant: This is a project oriented grant scheme. With this type of scheme cash funding is offered for a project with the intention that the sums are paid out of future revenues. But suppose there is a failure along the line in the project, the grant is done with.

Soft loan: This type of scheme has a very good terms and conditions compared to repayable grant. It is a soft loan coupled with a special type of grant. Under financial circumstances, one can still be able to cope with it. In this type of scheme too, the interest rates may be less, or there may be no interest to pay at all, and the repayment terms could also be for a longer period.

Equity finance: With equity finance a capital sum is invested into the business and the one who provides the funds carries an equity share of the enterprise and when the value of the firm increases the stake can then be returned. Therefore, unlike venture capitalists, what is expected and required from the providers of public funds are most times cheaper.

Free or subsidized consultancy: As the name suggest, it has a measure of subsidy. Start-ups can often find themselves in a circumstance where they are lacking a particular set of skills and there are some specially run schemes which offer to provide these either for free or at subsidized rates.

Access to resources: As with a lack of skills, it can be the case that small firms do not possess the physical resources or facilities they need in order to develop particular projects. In the same way there are many initiatives that can help overcome these concerns by providing access to publicly owned facilities.

Technology and Best Practice transfer: The transfer of technological advances and new best practice initiatives can often take a long time filtering down to smaller businesses. The government has set up schemes, which aim to triumph over this through business support networks.

Shared cost contract: In this type of scheme, when it comes to research and development, the costs involved can prevent small firms from taking part. But, by sharing the costs with other businesses, and then sharing the expertise, this problem can be solved.

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