How anyone can fly in business or first class and not pay a fortune for it?

We all humans, and we all like comfort and at the same time we like to save money and pay less for stuff. In recent years airlines made everything possible to make business and first class seats to be available only to a few chosen ones, but thank God things slowly started to change.

It turns out that there are lot of ways, which will help you to save some money on business travel and still get all the perks, which it has to offer. In this article we will try to cover the most popular legal ways on how anyone can save money on business and first class tickets.

1. Try to book your flight in advance.

First and most popular way on obtaining cheap business class flights is always try to plan your journey in advance. If you are very organized person and always have a plan you chances on saving money on business class ticket are growing exponentially. 

2. Collect airline miles or reward points for your everyday purchases.

If you haven't signed up for a credit card which allows you to collect airline miles or reward points please do it asap, if you spend money (and we all are doing it) chances that you will collect sufficient amount of miles for a free flight or for an upgrade from couch to business class are quite high.

3. Always negotiate with airline stuff.

There are different situations but you always can negotiate a price reduction on a seat in business class or in some situation they will give you this seat for free (for example in case of flight overbooking). 

4. Befriend someone from airline industry.

If you have a friend in airline industry you are very lucky because these folks are always have access to great deals and they can give you a "buddy pass" which will allow you to save a fortune on your ticket.

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