Business Partner Life Insurance

Business partner life insurance provides benefit to relief the beneficiaries of their financial burden upon the loss of the insured person. This death benefit is universal. There are several ways in which life insurance is structured to provide this benefit. Life insurancecan be categorized under one of three general types:

Whole Life Insurance: Also known as permanent or ordinary insurance. It is designed to provide protection for the whole life of the insured person and accumulates cash value over the life of the policy guaranteed to the policy owner.

Term Life Insurance: It’s designed to provide protection for a limited period of time, which is the term of the policy. Premiums are not refunded if the insured does not die during the term that the policy is in force.

Flexible Life Insurance: It includes adjustable life, universal life, and variable life insurance, they are all flexible. Flexibility gives the policy owner numerous options in terms of premiums, face amounts, and investment objectives.

A business with a few owners, such as a law firm or retail shop, may want to consider partnership insurance.

Business partner life insurance is very relevant to the partnership business.

What is Partnerships?

Partnership is a legal, unincorporated business relationship between two or more individuals who contributes his/her quota in order for the business to succeed; it can be skills, talents and capital for the purpose of owning and operating the enterprise. By law, when a partner dies, the surviving partner or partners must usually dissolve the business. The survivor becomes a liquidating trustee; liquidating the business, his or her own job, and the surviving family's source of income. This is because the disposition of the deceased's business asset is required in order to settle his or her estate.

If the partnership consisted of five partners, then each partner would need to own four separate life insurance policies. Under entity plan, this type of agreement with the same five partners, the partnership would only need to have five policies.When a Business Partner becomes ill just as in the same way as protecting against the loss of an employee due to sickness, a partner is likely to be a financial drain on a partnership if they are unable to work due to illness. The business may financially drop due to one partner sickness.

Life Insurance for Partnerships

If a partner dies, the spouse or family of the deceased may wish to withdraw the value of the persons share in the business. This can cause problems because much of the value of the deceased share could be tied up in assets such as important machinery or computers. To overcome this problem, partners need to consider business partner life insurance policies against each other.Ways to solve Life Insurance problem after the death of a partner:

• Automatic Accrual: an agreement between partners divides the deceased’s share between the remaining partners and the family of the deceased is compensated from the proceeds of a life insurance policy.

• Buy and Sell: means the legal representatives of the deceased are obliged to sell the share to the remaining partners who are in turn obliged to buy it. The remaining partners are able to buy the share from the proceeds of a life insurance policy taken out by the deceased on their own life and placed in trust for the remaining partners.

• Cross Purchase plan: if there are two or three partners, they partners have the option of buying the deceased estate.

• Entity plan: is usually recommended if there are more than a few partners. It will protect the interests of the remaining partners.

Business Partner Life Insurance Plan

When you go into business with other people, it's important to stop and think about what might happen in the event that you or one of your partners passes away. It's one thing to start and run a small business with a particular person that you know and trust, but it's another matter entirely to find yourself owning and operating a business with one of your partner's heirs in the event of his or her death. However, if one of your partners dies and you don't have a legally binding agreement about what will happen with his or her stock shares, that's exactly the situation you'll face.

That's why it's so important to have solid, sound buy-sell agreements in place as soon as you take on a business partner. When you go into business, you'll want to draft a legally binding document that specifies exactly what the partners can and cannot do with their stock. If the partners agree that stock should not be assigned to heirs, the agreement will stipulate that the corporation will buy back outstanding shares in the event of an owner's death.

It's also important to have a guaranteed source of funding, so you won't have any problem buying back your partner's stock from the estate should the agreement need to be enacted. That's why business partners and life insurance go hand in hand. Once the partners or owners of a company have decided what business life insurance plan they need, the next step is to find the best policies at the most affordable rates for a business partner life insurance.

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