Best Small Business Accounting Software

Small business accounting software is all you need to get your task automated. And to save you hours of bookkeeping time, you need a guide.

This article is to offer you guides that you need by providing you with many options you can select from.

1. NolaPro (Online)

NolaPro is online accounting software. It is designed with many features that would mostly be needed by most small businesses and an easy-to-use interface. NolaPro has a free version that is accessible on many small businesses, and suppose you need more features, it will only cost you $10/month to upgrade.

The Accounting features in NolaPro include:

1. Order entry

2. Ecommerce tools

3. Inventory

4. Payroll

5. Point-of-sale support

6. Ecommerce tools

7. Keep separate books for multiple companies

8. No data restrictions, banners, spyware or nag screens

Therefore, the service for an additional cost is full of support, financial auditing, on-demand hosting, and customization of NolaPro for specific requirements.

Cost depends on version: free/$9.99/$39.99. Accountant-assisted version available.

2. QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online Simple Start (Windows, Mac, Online

QuickBooks is popular accounting software that has been around for years and is updated annually.

QuickBooks has versions for small business on up to big business environments, secure data sharing with an accountant, and integration with Microsoft Outlook.

There is also an industry-specific version for QuickBooks desktop accounting software and it has plug-ins to extend features, and if you prefer web-based accounting software, there is QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooksSimple Start Online is specifically for very small businesses. However, if you need to be more informed about this specific versions, read QuickBooks Versions, Features and Prices.

3. Sage Peachtree Accounting (Windows)

Peachtree accounting software is incorporated with four versions to meet the needs of a variety of businesses, including Peachtree Pro for small businesses.

Peachtree also has versions for nonprofits organizations, manufacturing, construction and other industries.

Peachtree integrates with ACT! Contact management software and a variety of add-on services are available to extend features, like payroll and merchant accounts.

4. LessAccounting (Online)

LessAccounting: This is a web based accounting software for small business that has been evolving with more profitable features while the focus is still kept simple. Below are the incorporated features:

1. Contact management

2. Sales leads tracking

3. Business expense tracking

4. Online invoicing

5. Mileage tracker

6. Accounting reports

7. Data sharing with an accountant.

LessAccounting offers unlimited entries, SSL encryption and other data security measures.

It also imports contact information from Basecamp, Highrise and Gmail, imports data from Quicken, QuickBooks or banks that support QIF or QFX data imports. The cost is $30/month. 5. GnuCash Free

5. Accounting Software (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Under this, GnuCash is free open source accounting software with continued development since 1999.

GnuCash runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and other platforms and this has been translated in over 20 languages and utilizes double entry accounting.

Small business accounting features in GnuCash include:

1. accounts receivable and accounts payable

2. Customer and vendor tracking

3. Invoicing

4. Tax and billing terms

5. Payroll

6. Depreciation

6. Sage Simply Accounting First Step (Windows)

Simply Accounting First Step is from Sage, the same company that sells Peachtree Accounting.

While it lacks quite a few features found in higher versions. This Simply Accounting First Step also includes support for bill payments, invoicing and tracking expenses, and more fully-featured versions are available.

Simply Accounting is included in Small Business: Canada top accounting software picks.

Cost: Simply Accounting First Step retails for $69.99 and has a free 30-day trial, and you can download Simply Accounting First Step to give it a try for free. Another $120 buys job tracking, inventory functions and more features in Simply Accounting Pro.

7. NetSuite Financials (Online)

NetSuite Financials Features
NetSuite, Inc.

NetSuite Financials is web-based designed accounting software that also helps with managing many other aspects of a business. Depending on the version, Netsuite offers modules for finance, customer relations management and marketing, payroll and employee management, web site development and eCommerce. The cost per month is $49. And this is small business version. You will sign up for this in

All in all account small business software is available at affordable prices for you. All you need to choose your choice.

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