Writing Ads For Ebay Sale

This is the formula that I used to create some of my auction ads for electronic and information products.

Major Benefit – This is where you state the main benefit of hat you are selling. It is your first entry into your customer’s mind. Make sure you have have a trigger in mind,something you are going to use to cause the buyer to purchase. You are gearing this to your customers. Write it like you are speaking to them.

Feedback – If you have sold this product before, this is where you put the feedback from your customers. Since it comes right after your promise section, browsers will now have a reason to believe that you will keep this promise. If you haven’t had any feedback on your product yet because it is brand new, go to a few forums and look for people that might be interested in what you have to offer. Then offer free copies if they will read and review your product.

Describe the Problem – This is the section where you describe the problem that your product is supposed to solve. You let your customers know that you understand the situation that they are in and without describing the product yet, you let them know that you have discovered a solution.

Product Introduction – This is the part of the ad where you introduce your product. This is where you need a graphic of your product. I have included the link to Scott’s Box Shot Creator in the resource section. This is freeware to create book covers and software boxes.

You also present your product here as a solution to the problem you have already presented aiming your words directly at the trigger you have chosen in your customer’s psyche.

Benefits – Here you go into all the benefits that your product will provide for your customer. This is the last part of the ad where you get to provide reasons for the readers to buy your product, so add everything you can. Make this product something your potential customers cannot live without.

Call to Action – Here is where you throw in your freebies, the bonuses you are giving away with you product if any. Also, go over the main benefit of buying your product again. Guarantee – This is where you put in your guarantee, if you plan on having one.

Summary – State the main benefit of purchasing your product and ask for the sale. Ask your readers to bid on your auction.

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