Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Hottest Online Job

I started working on online jobs in 2007 & it’s been more than 6 years I am making from internet sitting at my home office. I have seen a lot of money making options but there is nothing like affiliate marketing.

Although this is the toughest way of making money on internet but if you learn the secret of this online job, then you will not like other programs as much as affiliate marketing.

When I started searching for easy & free online jobs in 2003, I came across many sites that offer paid surveys & ad clicking jobs. I have joined number of sites & worked very hard but hardly recovered what I paid to these sites. Although I don’t say they don’t work but they simply did not work me that time.

I was not satisfied at all so I started searching something big. I started reading the stories of people on how they are making big money through internet marketing.

Many of the people were selling training packages where they will expose their secrets on how to make thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing specially from Clickbank.

I purchased many books to know the secret & then came to know the biggest secret that nobody on internet shares their secret. You have to find your own secret, you have to make your own strategy if you want to make money from internet.

But one of the book GoogleCash from Chris Carpenter helped me to learn some of the things in affiliate marketing. Then in 2004, I started with Commission Junction.

Commission Junction is one of the most famous affiliate network with some of the best advertisers on internet. They have a great tracking system & history of on time payment. I started promoting with AdWords. Initially I made some losses but with in 2-3 months I was making 3 times of my investment.

I started increasing my investment. I was investing around $1000 on AdWords & making a cool $3000+ from Commission Junction. Soon it became my passive income. I hardly was working 1 hour a day to make that much income from Commission Junction.

Then in 2005, I thought of exploring new ways of earning opportunities. I was doing the research on almost all online jobs but only some of them as mentioned at http://getsarkarinaukri.co.in/free-online-jobs-how-to-earn-20k-from-home-with-online-jobs/ worked. Although I did not make very big money from many of the jobs but AdSense made me some quality income after affiliate income.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, I worked almost all the best companies like Clickbank, Amazon etc. and earned good money everywhere. That is why this is the hottest job on internet.

But now a days, its becoming more difficult to make money from affiliate marketing because of the updates Google brings very frequently to rank your affiliate sites. You need to have excellent knowledge of keyword research & search engine optimization if you want to earn from your affiliate sites.

If you are a beginner and looking to earn from affiliate marketing job then you should focus on gaining good knowledge of blogging & SEO.

There are many sites like MOZ, SearchEngineLand where you can learn the SEO tips & blogs like WPBeginner where you can learn about blogging.

Keyword research plays a very important role in affiliate marketing so focus more on researching good keywords that can make you real money.

Although I don’t recommend tools like SENuke but many people believe they are very good for ranking an affiliate site if used properly.

So if you start working hard, I am sure affiliate marketing will be an hot online job for you too.


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