Why Would You Need a Website For Your Small Business?

Many companies that offer website design services have a variety of extra options for adding value to the website they build for you. These services add value in the areas of web site marketing, ease of maintenance, search engine optimization, and simplification of hosting issues.

Even if your business starts with a basic brochure-style website, there is always the possibility that you will need some of these value-added services in the future.

Here are some of the ways they can add value to your website.

Small business website design services may offer more than one option and custom web site design is usually the most expensive option but some web design companies offer pre-packaged websites, templates, or facilities where a client can build their own.

Some clients only want to get a website for the sake of displaying information as to their store’s hours, location, products, and telephone/e-mail addresses. So, in the latter case, clients can realise a tremendous savings when given the tools to build and maintain their own sites.

Establishment of an internet presence is simpler by also offering web hosting. A website consists not only of web pages but a web hosting space and domain name.

Not all web design companies offer hosting but when they do, it makes the process of getting a site up and running simpler as the client has to only deal with one service provider.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for most business websites. Without a designer applying SEO techniques to your website, the likelihood of it being found is slim.

SEO involves posting relevant customer-focused content on your website, using meta tags with keywords, submission to web and article directories, and getting quality incoming links to your site.

Implementation of a content management system keeps your site fresh. Websites that have content that is updated regularly is good for not only return visitors but also search engines.

Search engines consider that a site that is updated regularly is an active one so it has greater relevance. In most cases it is unfeasible to call your freelance website designer each time you need an update therefore a content management system gives you the ability to handle the task in-house.

Traffic analysis on your website can determine its marketing effectiveness. Web designers who offer web traffic analysis services usually have access to a variety of reporting tools. When you are running a marketing campaign for your website, it is important to determine what is working and change what is not.

Traffic analysis can determine which search keywords are the most often used when finding your site. Traffic analysis can also report from which sites visitors are coming to yours. The latter is important because you can determine if you are stirring up interest within your target market.

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