Key Skills To Becoming A Successful Wedding Planner

There are many wedding planners all around the world. But how do you become a successful wedding planner? Seven key skills are discussed in this article to enable you become a successful wedding planner.


Becoming a successful wedding planner involves more than just planning a wedding. Understanding the business aspect of your services is very important.

Also, you need to learn how to manage your time in order to earn the most profits. You are the face of your business and your own public relations representative.

When you start seeing your wedding planning business growing, you no doubt like to begin planning multiple weddings at once. It is very important that you strive to provide the best, personalized attention to each couple when planning their big day. This adds more reputation and confidentiality to your business.


Become a good wedding planner requires skills. Therefore, a good wedding planner is:

1.  Calm: This skill is very important towards the ceremony. You must learn to keep cool in the wake of a calamity. Therefore, a good wedding planner should always have a Plan B ready for action in case of an emergency.

2.  Charming: As mentioned earlier, you are the face of your business and your clients’ representative. Worthy communication and social skills are very important. Your reputation as a wedding consultant depends on your ability to network and maintain great working relationships with vendors and venues. Learning how to communicate and work with people of different personality should be an integral part of a wedding planning. Bear it in mind that you can’t please everybody. Always be ready to defuse any situation to get the results your client desires.

3.  A Great Negotiator:  Ordering for the flowers, hire the band and photographer, recommend a caterer, and help find venues for the ceremony and reception e.t.c. These are what the bride and the groom would be looking towards in you. And it is good to offer best service with a reasonable cost. You create build a good reputation for yourself if you do not disappoint your clients. Also, your connections will get you better deals, which you can pass on to your customers.

4. Good with Money: Becoming a wedding planner business requires that you are capable to manage your own expenses and stick to a budget, as well as be responsible for someone else’s money and budget. The previous encounter you have had with money management will tell how you can handle this matter especially if the only experience you have is that of household finances or maintenance.

5. Organized: As part of wedding arrangement, it is the duty of a wedding consultant to be responsible for many aspect of the big day. This includes the venues, theme, flowers, food, refreshments, attire, photography, honeymoon, and other details of the wedding. Keeping track of all the nuances, contract dates, and deadlines requires an enormous amount of organization and attention to detail. No doubt, the new best friend you’ve got now is calendar.

6.  A Plethora of Knowledge: A beautiful quality of a good wedding planner is fashion. In addition to that, good taste in music, and an eye for color, flowers, and themes. You must be able to keep up with the latest bridal trends and fads, hot honeymoon destinations, and of course, traditional wedding etiquette. Also, many wedding consultants learn about different religious ceremonies and traditions in order to satisfy couples across different religious culture.

7. Able to Maintain a Sense of Humor: Some brides are indecisive while others are emotional. Parents of the couples have different personality likewise absentee vendors. You definitely need to learn how to work with all these people to achieve a befitting and reputable wedding planning.

Becoming a successful person in wedding planning business is not what happens in just a day. It is a gradual process. So keep working at it. The more experiences you gather, the more skillful and successful you become.

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