Key Points to Ensure Successful Leaflet Distribution in London

Leaflets and flyers are still the most popular ways for small business owners to promote their business and services.

If executed properly, leaflet distribution in London could bring you the outstanding more than 45% response rate.

However, most business owners seem to fail with that task due to poor planning and organization. To avoid that, here are all key elements to consider when planning your leaflet distribution in London.

What are some leaflet distribution methods?

The main thing you need to decide on when planning a leaflet distribution campaign is how you will actually have your leaflets delivered to new prospects.

Depending on the products and services your business offers, you have multiple options.

Door to door leaflet distribution

Door to door distribution is often the first thing that comes into our minds when we think about leaflet distribution.

According to studies from the Direct Marketing Association more than 75% of the people keep, glance or read leaflets delivered to their front door, so you should take advantage of that for your own leaflet marketing campaign.

However, beware that door to door leaflet distribution can be quite time consuming activity and if you can’t dedicate enough time to it, you should consider hiring a professional leaflet distribution team. With most companies, you will be able to choose among two main leaflet distribution options – solo and shared.

With solo leaflet distribution, your materials are delivered separately from any other promotional material and you have chances for better exposure. On the other hand, with shared leaflet distribution your leaflets will be delivered among other flyers and promotional materials, so the response rates are generally lower than these with solo distribution.

To make the choice between these, you should consider your budget and leaflet distribution goals.

Hand to hand leaflet distribution

The next classic leaflet distribution method in London is hand to hand distribution on the streets or at specific locations, where you can directly hand out your leaflet to potential customers. For that particular distribution method, the right planning, staff training and timing are essential for its success.

This leaflet distribution method also requires you to carefully choose the size and content on your leaflet, as smaller leaflets tend to work better with hand to hand distribution. Good places to start your distribution are shopping centers, popular shows, events and special occasions, where you can reach out to new prospects easily.

B2B leaflet distribution

Another great way to distribute your leaflets is via other businesses that complement the product or service you are offering. For example, if you offer health food products, you should consider distributing leaflets at the local gym and on the other hand if you offer specialized food products, you can place your leaflets at the local grocery store. The options for B2B leaflet distribution are pretty much unlimited.

The key to success with B2B leaflet distribution is to target the right places where you can reach the right audience.

Measure and Track Performance

Another main aspect of successful leaflet distribution in London is to measure and track the performance of your campaign in order to adjust it if necessary. The social networks are a great place where to track responses and comments regarding your leaflets.  If you use the services of a leaflet distribution team, you will probably receive reports to track your performance on weekly basis.

If you notice negative feedback about your leaflet distribution or low response rate, you can adjust your campaign, while it’s still running. To get that info, you need to accurately measure the performance of the distribution campaign.

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