Social Media: The New Blogging Platform

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Social media blogging is the way many people communicate with others. We use text as a way to express ourselves and let others into our personal lives. People are getting so used to using text and social media outlets that it is now the number one way to communicate.

The three major social media outlets that allow us to voice our own thoughts and opinions are facebook, instagram and twitter.

Facebook was originally created for college students but, as the years have gone by just about everyone you run into has a facebook; college students, parents, grandparents etc. It is a way to keep in touch with family and friends without having to call and see what they are up to.

Facebook allows you to post text, photos and even videos to your friends; a friend can be anyone that you know outside the internet in your personal life as well as associates or strangers.

You have the ability to set them as friends to view your ‘blog’ page. You can also have your page set up so that anyone can view it however, most users do tend to use the friends only option.

Instagram is more for photos and videos only with very limited text or use of hashtags to give the viewer a general overview of what is going on in the picture of video. Instagram is a different form of blogging since it is pictures and videos only however, it is growing in popularity. Twitter is another large social media outlet for bloggers however; twitter is more of a micro blogging outlet as this social media only allows you to post texts of 140 characters. They call these short blurbs tweets and it allows you to get short messages across to your followers.


Marketing with Social Media

These social media networks are a great place to market your company and product. You can create your company’s page on Facebook and post daily about new items, products, events etc. This is a great and free way to get your name, brand out there to the public. Many brick and mortar companies will have deals of the days and special offers if you ‘like’ there facebook page. This helps the company by getting their name out and when you like their page your friends will be able to see that and potentially like their page as well spreading their brand.

If you have a marketing budget you can also use that within these social media outlets as Facebook has marketing set up just for businesses called Facebook for Business that walks you through the standard marketing process of setting up your business page, identifying your audience, creating compelling content, setting up your advertising budget and then measuring and adjusting once you are all set up to make sure you are reaching all your targets.

This type of marketing has been very successful for both small and large businesses and is a great way to reach whoever your target is as all these social media networks have every type of person using them; young, old, women, teens, men etc.

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