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Getting business insurance possess some questions that need to be answered. Finding answers to these questions will enable you to avoid risks that are involved. Therefore, if you are self employed or perhaps there a small business you manage, you have to be well aware of all you need to make it successful.

It is most times difficult for many people to start a small private business and at the long run to get a liability insurance ‘quote’ so to speak, for their business. But the truth is, to protect your business, you need these three quotes:  public liability, employer’s liability and professional indemnity insurance.

In other to find out what business insurance that would be suitable for you, consider the following questions:

Do you employ people – even contractors or volunteers?

Under normal condition, if you employ people to work with you as staffs, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement.

This also covers part-time, temporary, voluntary, casual, or contract staff.

This is truly important because suppose it happens that any staff that works for you should be injured, there is it is required that you care for the person as a means of compensation and if care is not taken as in if you fail to do that, you may be prosecution may be the aftermath.

Is there risk of damage, loss or injury at your place of work?

If the above holds, what is possible to work for you is public liability insurance.

If you have visitors to your place of work, whether it’s your office or you’re home, there is possibility of slipping on the flaw or trip causing them to injure themselves.

And another thing that could happen is possibility of damaging on your customer’s property. In this case you bear the consequences and there should be a compensation at the end of the day and this could cost much.

A client might also insist that you have public liability cover before carrying out any work, and you could also need it if you want to exhibit at a conference or local trade show.

Do you give professional advice or provide a service?

Suppose you are a professional in giving advice to people, or perhaps a management consultant, maybe your own is to offer a service or you are an accountant or a cleaner, there is a need for you to have a serious thought about taking out professional indemnity insurance.

However, protecting your business when you give bad advice or if someone questions the standard of your work is be held seriously.

Some professions truly need this. Especially when you are a member of a professional body like the ICA, RICS or RIBA. To have a peaceful mind, others opt for it.

Suppose you work from home, avoid an assumption that you will be covered. This is because most home insurance policies do not cover anything related to your business. What mostly need to be done is to have business equipment.

Also, ensure that important business documents are well kept couple with information about your customers. Having some stock in the shed, garage or spare room could also be considered.

To conclude this, your policy wording should be carefully read. And giving a serious consideration to your business insurance property. Additionally, it is germane you have a car insurance policy that covers it for business use.

Remember, even successful and well-established businesses can fail without the right cover in place. Give a serious thought to what happened previous year or years. Ensure that you protect the future of your business with public liability, employers’ liability and professional indemnity cover.

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