Tips for Choosing Security Companies in the UK

There are many security companies located in the UK, and it can seem difficult to know which one you should really choose for the best service. There are a number of factors you can look for that serve as good signs.

Looking for these factors can help you to be sure that you are contacting a trustworthy, reliable and high-quality security company that can offer you the level of service you need.

When it comes to finding the right security services provider make sure that you follow our hints and tips for the best result.


Many security companies try to catch as many customers as possible by stretching their capabilities over as many different services as they can think of. While some larger companies may be able to sustain such wide-ranging operations, the truth is that most security companies in the UK who do this are trying to be "Jacks of all trades" and fail to master more than one or two. They are, in essence, trying to spread the net too wide.

Often, it is the more specialised companies that will be able to provide higher standards of service. You may want to look for companies that offer just a handful of useful services, possibly quite closely related such as key holding and alarm response.

That way, you know you are dealing with a company that is focussing its efforts and really knows its area in depth.


If you were interviewing a potential new employee, one of the main things that you would look for would probably be experience of handling the kind of duties that would be expected of them if they were hired. The same should usually be true when looking for external service providers, but too often this factor is overlooked leading to incorrect selection of the most suitable service provider.

Of course, every company is new at some point and new companies are not automatically bad. But they are more of an unknown quantity, and may still be finding their feet or dealing with teething troubles. A company with some years of experience in their area will be established, set into an effective mode of operation.

If a company has been around for a few decades, then it almost always means they are doing things right in order to survive and thrive for so long. Experience can be worth its weight in gold at times.


Security Industry accreditations are one of the most reliable ways to assess the quality of a security company.

It verifies that they have been expertly, independently assessed and found to meet at least a minimum level of quality in their services and operations, so you know you are not dealing with a company that fails to meet good standards.

There are a number of accreditations, quality standards, and similar metrics that can be used to assess security companies in the UK. These include accreditation from the Security Industry Authority (SIA), the SAFEcontractor scheme, and various BSI quality standards relating to specific services such as keyholding, or aspects of operations such as the screening of potential security personnel.


When you are looking for UK Security companies that are the best fit for your business, organisation or home, you should bear in mind the above guide for the best results.

Your security is of paramount importance so do everything that you can to make sure that you have made the right choice. In the event of a security issue you will be glad that you did so and will have made a wise investment by protecting your assets or family as best as you can.

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