Secrets To Make More Money With Ebay Auction

Secrets To Make More Money With Ebay Auction

These are bits of code you can add to your auction ads to spice them up a little, help your costumers out, and maybe help you make a little more cash.

Put a seller search in your auction

Copy and paste the following code to put a search box in your auction ad. Instead of inviting auction goers to view your other auctions, they can search them. This is especially effective if you are running many auctions. If not, just a link to your other auctions will do. Replace “my_user_id” with your EBay id.

Listing other auctions in your ad

If you are selling similar items, it may be a good idea to get your customers to check out your other auctions. You make more sales that way. Using the following code is simple.

a href = “link-to-other-auction” Description of other auction /a

Just browse to the other auction that you wish to list and copy the address from the address box in your browser. Replace link-to-other-auction with this address, but make sure to keep the quotation marks. Then just replace “Description of other auction” with the text you would like your customers to see.

“Free Peak” links

Why put mailto: links inside of your auction? Many reasons. To give your customers a more personalized experience. To test how many people are interested in your auctions. To give your customers a sneak peak at your product. Maybe to create a mailing list. These links are effective tools that hardly anyone uses.

You can give your customers a more personalized experience. They can always click on the "ask seller a question" link in Bay. But the buyer will never know if you are answering because you feel you have to or because you want to. But if you have a link inside the body of your auction, your customer knows that you are ready and eager to help them out with whatever questions they may have. You can create a link that will trigger Outlook to reply with a FAQ sheet and the customer will believe there is a human on the other side. The computer is a inanimate object. Make someone a little more comfortable buying from you and that may be all you need to make a sale.

You can use it as a marketing test. You may have many more people interested in your product than just those that bid on it. You can check your hits counter but this only tells you that your title was effective. If you get a lot of responses form your email link but few sales, maybe your price is too high, your ad copy ineffective, or maybe you need to sweeten the deal with a free bonus.

You can use the link as a teaser. If you are selling an ebook, maybe you can allow browsers to click on the email link toget a free chapter, or better pictures of the product. Get the customer involved and they will be more interested. If they wanted everything spoon-fed to them, they'd be watching TV.

When I sold Hotbid on EBay before I made it shareware, I would send people a list of the hot auctions in their favoritecategory or with their favorite search words. That way they could see what the program could do for them. It definitelyhelped with the sales because people knew what they were buying. Hotbid is no longer being developed.

What will this link look like?


A HREF=""Click Here for a Free Peak at Chapter 1 of our ebook /A

Then you set up your message rules to mail out the chapter of the book when it finds "FreePeak" in the subject line of the email address. You might also explain how to send the email manually to your customers. I've run into many customers who haven't set up their email program and therefore the link above will not work for them.

Example: Send a blank email to with "FreePeak" in the subject line to check out the first chapter for free.

When you get to the automation chapter, you will see how to automatically respond to these requests.

Using inline frames

An inline frame will allow you to change information if your auction while the auction is running. It is a frame that loads information from another page into it.

Just check out the tutorial on iframes at this link: or do a search for inline frames on Google.

One thing to note is that the contents of your iframe will not be indexed by the EBay search engine. You can change the contents of the iframe even after the auction has ended to notify people searching for your product of news.

Disable right-click

Use this code to disable the right mouse button when people view your auction ad. This will prevent most browsers from stealing your auction images or ad copy. Of course, if they want it bad enough, they will steal it. Just include the following code somewhere in your auction description.

More sales from your ad

This is a method that I have heard about through the online forums though I never used it myself. Lets say you are selling an extra TV you have. It’s a Sony and you want to make sure the customer knows what they are purchasing, so you link to the description on the Sony website from your auction.

But say you sign up for an affiliate program where you get 20% commission for sending customers to a site that sells TV’s online. Instead of sending customers to the Sony site, you could now send them to the site you are an affiliate of and make commission on sales from people who would rather buy the product new.

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