Promotional Water Bottle Ideas for Your Next Company Sporting Event

Is your business sponsoring a local sporting event, or maybe sending a few lucky employees to go see a big game? Don't pass up this great opportunity to give out a few company-branded freebies. Branded water bottles are always a flexible (and refreshing!) way to help your brand name stand out in the crowd.

Why water bottles? They're visible! They're useful, reusable, and they travel well. They're a staple of the sports world and used by players and fans alike. Everybody needs to stay hydrated while cheering on a favorite team, whether it's youth sports or the big leagues!

Five Ways to Put Your Logo in the Stands

Travel bottles are a powerful way to generate brand exposure at any event – it can be difficult to pick just one choice out of so many possible avenues for promotion! These five promo ideas will help you get the most out of your next shipment of customized water bottles.   

1. Sponsor the Home Team!

Providing the home team with cool branded water bottles is a great way to show that your business supports community sports. Your logo will go on tour with the team – maybe all the way to the nationals! Branded water bottles are especially effective if the game gets a little news coverage, with your logo possibly appearing in after-game interviews or newspaper snapshots.

2. Equip Your Company Ambassadors

Does your business have a dedicated cheering section at the local stadium? It's not hard to convince them to sport the company logo if it means getting some sweet freebies out of the deal. Giving away tickets at the office as a performance incentive or for employee appreciation? Toss a few company-branded water bottles, blankets, or hats into the deal.

3. Get the Crowd Involved

If you've ever run an information booth or tried to collect contact information in a crowd, you know how hard it can be to get people to stop and talk even if you're not selling anything. Branded water bottles are great booth bait and a fantastic conversation starter. Some passersby might even ask if the nice travel bottles are for sale, and will be overjoyed when they find out you're just giving them away!

4. Thank the Volunteers

Local sports often depend on a wide range of volunteers to make the practices and events happen. These volunteers often hail from other local businesses like your own. Show that your company appreciates their peers in the community by donating water bottles or thermoses to the other volunteers – those volunteers just might work for a future customer or partner.  

5. Send Cool Corporate Gift Baskets

Need to send a thank-you gift to a fellow sports fan? Game tickets are a classic way to wow your contacts and create memories that you can talk about at your next big conference. Pack the gift basket with a season game calendar, a few team jerseys, noisemakers, and your high visibility company-branded refillable water bottles.

Choosing the Right Design for the Job 

Summertime sports call for customized water bottles for convenient on-the-go hydration. Some water bottles even come with freezable cores to keep water nice and cool in the hot sun. Serving the winter season? Handy insulated mugs and thermoses are better for those cold and windy winter events, a great way to say "thank you" to volunteers and anyone else working events on chilly evenings.

Ordering your company-branded bottles in team colors helps to show your community support – and everyone will want one. Simple bottles are inexpensive to customize and fun to give away. For those higher-end requirements (like corporate gifts), many name-brand water bottle manufacturers make their products available to print shops for customization.

Make an Impact!

Customized water bottles will help your brand name stand out in the crowd. Stadium-ready water bottles make great corporate gifts, sponsored giveaways, and tokens of employee appreciation: you can never have too many freebies in reserve for special occasions and everyday celebrations.

There has never been a better time or place to promote your brand than a local sports game, so save back a copy your next promo catalog with your favorite team in mind!

Written By Lisa K. - I'm an online marketer and freelance writer that covers a wide range of topics that interest me personally. Most of my work revolves around business, marketing and sales related information. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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