Problems associated with network marketing

What's Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?

Bad Image or Bad Reality?

"Let me tell you about an incredible ground-level business opportunity," and you are invited to a house or to lunch for "a discussion." However, you feel sick in your gut that there is some hidden agenda or deception. "Most likely a multi-level marketing (MLM) organization," you think. Suppose it is? Should you trust your instincts? Is there anything wrong with MLM?

The answer you are probably thinking is Yes!

However it really depends how you present the opportunity.

Most people who approach a person (prospect) this way! is giving a bad image and a bad reality to most network companies.

When you mention a incredible business opportunity to a person (prospect), you should come out and say what it is on the spot and not dupe a person into a invitation of some sort.

I was approached this way in the past several times, even though I repeatedly asked that person what it was. That person could not be honest enough to tell me what it was. Believe me if a person cannot be straightforward from the start, don’t bother!

"Everyone Will Want to Buy This Product!"

All products and services have partial market penetration. Not everyone wishes to join a particular discount club, or buy gold, or drink filtered water, or wear a particular style of shoe, or use any product or service. No one in the real world of business would seriously consider the thin arguments of the MLMers when they flippantly mention the infinite market need for their product or services.

Wrong, People have dreams, and do not let people talk you out of them. ‘’Dream stealers’’ I call them, and they are everywhere, Family, relatives and friends. If you have a great product and you know there is a market for it. Then go for it! I for one have a great business…. everybody uses a telephone? Right! Well, if you want more detail about it, then visit the website at the bottom of this Intel.

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Problems associated with network marketing

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