Tips for Ordering Personalized Business Checks Online

Ordering checks for your business doesn't have to be complicated nor another professional action that is automated and devoid of personality. 

This is especially true if you order your business checks online.  There are many websites out there that can makes things much easier and give you more control than if you were to just purchase your checks through the bank. 

Make sure you research before ordering personalized business checks online to see if they are the right fit for your company.


The first thing you should be looking at while browsing for an online check provider is to make sure that they meet the guidelines for the Check Payment Systems Association, or CPSA. 

This is the industry standard for checking and the company must utilize the proprietary paper, inks, and overlay designs.  You can tell your checks are CPSA certified by the padlock logo on all checks.

Some companies even go the extra mile and provide the most up-to-date practices of heat-activated ink, microfiber paper, and watermark/hologram protection.


Getting the best bang for your buck

After verifying the company’s security standards, start looking into the details of their check packages.  Some online personalized business check services are all inclusive, some are not.  Make sure you know what you’re getting as some do not include things like deposit slips or check registers that allow you to document all your transactions.

Of course one of the biggest perks of ordering your business checks online is the ability to customize your checks to include themes, logos and other personalized checks with pictures.  The best companies will also provide digital checks that are compatible with QuickBooks, which makes it even easier to track all your business transactions.

When making an order, pay attention to the delivery estimates.  When ordering checks online, the shipping times are sometimes improperly calculated because the time it takes to process checks can vary.  It’s always best to keep this in-mind when ordering, you should never order them online if you could run out by a small window of only a few days.

Customer Support

Always review the feedback left by unbiased reviewers to see if the company has a reputable track record.  See if they offer money-back guarantees, so that you’re not taking any of the risk for making a large order of checks.  Most reputable companies come with live customer support chats, too, so they can answer any concerns before making an order online.

Lastly, it’s also a good idea to watch out for introductory offers, sometimes these discounts are slightly hidden in the fine print and you could possibly miss out on some huge discounts for those looking for long-term reorders or larger orders in-general.

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