Oilfield Tools and Equipment Perfect For Small Business

As the domain of industry rises, the demand for oil incessantly spikes up and this is one fact that can never be changed. However, aside from the challenge of getting enough oil to supply the needs of the many, drilling oil is not an easy task.

Since oil wells need to be drilled and systems need to be used to prevent oil from blowing up and cause oil spillage, sets of tools and equipment are a must for every oil company. With the right machineries at hand, companies would not have to face gigantic dilemmas related to drilling oil and maintaining the safety within the vicinity. 

The Drill

Whether your company is looking for new or used oilfield equipment, completing the drilling set is essential for the operation to push through. Below is a list of some of the equipment that is needed by both small and large oil companies: 

  • Drill Pipe: This equipment drills hole by the drill bit which is connected to the drill pipe. Since the temperature of the drill bit has a tendency to increase as the drill gets deeper under the ground, the drill pipe lubricates the whole equipment.  The length of the drill pipe is highly reliant on the depth of the oilfield. 
  • Oilfield Casing: Digging the ground and creating a hole without covering it holds a lot of hazard to the workers and to the area. Oilfield casing is a complex system of covering the hole and it is used once the level of drill is sufficient for getting the oil underground.  
  • Pumps: Oil companies do not need the usual pumps. Instead, pumps for dewatering the hole plays a vital role in completing the whole drilling operation. If water is present in the hole because of unexpected rain, the drilling project will not be successful.  
  • Piling: Piling is crucial in any construction work, but it is important to analyse the area before initiating this step.

Above are only some of the tools and equipment that are needed by any oil company. Even if you are starting up a small oil company, you will need to shell out a lot of cash to be able to buy these sets of machinery. Nevertheless, you can still find cheap finds by bargaining with traders or looking for used oilfield tools and equipment. Be very careful in choosing the equipment you’d buy and always check the quality of the products.

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