Network Marketing and MLM programs

Network marketing and MLM programs.

Net work marketing and MLM concept is a very rewording concept, you will be reworded not only for you effort but only for the effort of your team. It’s easy to understand this concept, you as a human being have a limitation, you can work a limited number of hours per day, you can accomplish a limited number of tasks each day; so as a result your income will be limited and you will earn a limited amount of money.

To solve these limitations people began to renew the slave concept by hiring people to work for you and do the hard work for you. No matter how nice we try to put it (day job, working man) it’s a slave with a salary. It’s not that bad, that’s life and that’s how things need to be.

And suddenly a new concept appears; the team work. And this concept appears after marketing started to be the major money making business after war industry and drug manufacturing.

With the network marketing you can earn money per your own actions (sales or leads or any other task you perform) and give you the chance to bring more people to work with you and earn per their own actions.

The big question is:

Is MLM a waste of time or is it a goldmine?

The truth is for most it’s a waste of time, but for few it is a goldmine, and it’s not only a goldmine but it’s the only way for them to get rich. You can make money with MLM's. You can make a fortune.

Is there any secret to it? There is no secret but there are two questions that need to be answered first:

Can you do it? And how to do it?

If you answer the first question in positive, think again!

Do you have the time? Network marketing require hard work and time, you will not start making money overnight, not even in the first two or three months. And some one need to put food on the dinner table. So don’t risk it if you are not sure of it.

Let me share with you a thought, I am online for a few years now, and I did it the hardest way it could be done, and it happens that I knew almost every successful and rich online marketers, and they all share the same story. They all started from nothing and gone through hard times, some even put their families in danger, and some had lost their families. Only by going through failure depression and hard times you can build a success character.

When you join MLM and network marketing, you are starting a business, very hard but profitable one. And don’t start it with unrealistic expectations, the money will not just rolling in once you join, and people will not knock on your door (or website page) begging for joining you.

Network marketing is about leadership, you need to bring people to the business and lead them through the hard times to reach success, and your own success is depending on your team success.

I will make money only when my team make money, my earning are a percent of their earning, so I want them to make money, I need to help them to make money; otherwise my business is worth nothing.

Promoting an MLM program allows you an extremely flexible business. It really can be done in your spare time. And instead of putting some money on a saving account, invest this money on network marketing. Most of that sweat equity is spent in the beginning; planning, organizing, placing your initial ads, etc. Once you have the foundation in place, most of your time is spent finding new ways to promote your business. You aren't tied down to a 9-5 schedule, you don't have to attend meetings, wear suits, be at the mercy of your boss. Do the job correctly once and you will be rewarded again and again. That’s the beauty of network marketing.

The one most important element of network marketing success is lead generation, you need to know how to generate leads and how to follow up with them and after they join you, you need to know how to work with them.
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