Get The Best Time clock Supplier In Toronto 

A time clock is a machine used to track the hours worked by an employee of a company.

It is also in most time referred to as time recorder, clock card machine or punch clock. These other names really fit a time clock because the function it performs revolves round the names.

The Mechanics Of A Time Clock 

To get a time clock to function and brings out the output as expected, the following process takes place.

A heavy paper card is inserted and mechanically made to contact a rear of the slot. When this occurs, the day and time information of the employee is produced. This is called an output data.

Therefore, the paper card inserted is also called a time card which affords the time and the information to be produced. However, more than one time card could serve as a timesheet. And at the same time could be used to provide us with the data to fill the other.

How To Get A Good Time Clock Supplier In Toronto

To get the best time clock supplier in Toronto, make sure you familiarize yourself with the following information about a time clock.


With all the process discussed above, a timekeeper performs his function, that is, keeping all the official hours record worked by an employee. Therefore, it also affords an accurate calculation of payment to an employee.

All these are still possible with the machine in question. The face of a time clock machine shows employees numbers that needs to be dialed up by employees who enter and leave the company. Therefore, when the entry and exit of an employee is inserted accurately, the output result is accurate.


1. One type of a time clock looks like a machine designed for parking validation. This machine is a time clock that stamp the time and the day on time clock. It only requires an employee to press a button. The bottom stamp the cards when it is inserted. The recorded data of the employees could be weekly or monthly. It all depends on the choice you make.

The time cards also have in it, the time in and time out that are marked on them for the employee to punch.

2. Self-calculating machine is another type of a time clock. In this type of time clock, a total time that is already put on record is added up, processed and used for the paroling.

Occasionally, this type of time clock used to have dual-color printing and automated color shift.

3. Software based time and attendance system is another type. This depends on computers and check-in terminals. This type is gaining prominence. However, it is useful in a company with more than 30 employees. An advantage this have over others is that it saves the company of a lot of money yearly.

4. Biometrics. This type of time clock is unlike the other. The result provided are superb in the sense that while others use chip, key or code, biometrics uses hand print, finger print, palm vein, facial recognition e.g. Irish or retina. The users attributes are scanned for proper and accurate recognition. Biometrics also cut down fraud like ghost employees therefore saving the company a lot from loss.

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