Marketing And Public Relation In An Organisation

In the business world, most if not all organizations strive to maintain a good reputation with the consumers which is very key to the success and survival of the organization.

Due to the very influential position held by the customers, reputation can be an organization's most valuable asset as far as success in the competitive market is concerned.

This so desired good reputation can be achieved through marketing and public relations if well understood and differentiated.

Marketing is the process through which a product or service moves from the producer to the consumer through promotion, sales or distributing the goods or service.

On the other hand, public relations refer to fostering a good relation with the customers so as to encourage goodwill towards a given company, its services and products. However, no matter how close these two concepts might sound, there are some key differences between the two concepts.

One of the main differences between marketing and public relations is the main objective of undertaking the activities. Marketing focuses on influencing the market so as to boost sales of a particular product. 

Public relations mainly focuses on building a trust based relationship between a particular organization and the consumers. Another key difference is in the way the two are differently carried out so as to achieve the desired effects.

Marketing is mainly done in a way that is appealing to the consumers and finding the most appealing way of displaying a product or service so that it draws the attention of the consumer. But public relations are done in a way that is newsworthy, attracts the attention of the public and is trustworthy.

In addition to these two differences, another difference is in the level of control the organization has as far organizing and influencing the outcome. In marketing the organization has full control on how the activity will be done and the possible outcomes.

But in public relations, the organization has no full control of the outcome due to inability to fully influence the perception of the consumers concerning the organization.

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