Looking for London Nursing Jobs

Even when you are a fully qualified nurse, finding the right job in the location you want to work may prove difficult.

Of course, you might want to do your own search through sites such as the jobs section of RCN Bulletin, but you are then still left with the headache of following up each and every application you make for each individual job.

Making the quest easier for those looking for London nursing jobs are a number of recruitment agencies, such as Cromwell Medical.

What to look for

Choosing a nursing agency with which to entrust you’re your next career move may itself be a challenging exercise.

So what might be some of the key features that may help you make the right choice of agency?

  • does the agency find placements in your particular area of specialisation (whether this be theatre nurse, A&E nurse, ITU nurse, paediatric nurse, community nurse, RGN, RMN, CPN, health visitor or locum)?
  • are you able to register your details with the agency online?
  • if so, is that application process simple and straight forward – does it fit into a single, manageable webpage, for example?
  • does the agency make placements in both the NHS and the private sector?
  • is the agency an approved recruiter under the London Procurement Partnership (LPP) and an approved Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supplier?
  • LPP approval may significantly widen your chances of landing the right type of nursing job;
  • according to the LPP, for example, London health trusts spend some £500 million on agency and bank staff every year – and that clearly represents a large number of agency and temporary jobs in nursing, medical locums and allied health professionals;
  • LPP is founded and funded by a number of organisations within the NHS, with the express purpose of ensuring value for money through the procurement of trained staff for the provision of high-quality care of patients;
  • your relationship with agency staff and its consultants may be one of the most critical aspects in finding a placement – telephone support that is on offer 24 hours a day for 365 days a year may therefore prove more than useful;
  • you may also want to check that your chosen agency offers flexible working practices, allowing you to choose between full time and part time vacancies;
  • in a profession such as nursing you are likely to be committed to continuous opportunities for furthering your career development – you may want to ensure that your chosen agency provides the relevant training programs to develop your skills;
  • some agencies also operate incentive schemes, such as paying you a bonus if you are able to refer a friend who is subsequently found an agency job;
  • you may want to ensure that the agency you choose its known for its recruitment of high-quality staff who deliver exceptional service; and
  • in return for your hard work and dedication to the job, you may reasonably expect a competitive salary with attractive rates of pay which you receive on a regular, weekly basis.

Finding a nursing job in London may be a challenging business, but for nurses who have earned registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and are able to demonstrate their compliance with a standard range of training objectives, registration with a recruitment agency may be the route to a fulfilling and rewarding job – or series of jobs – within the metropolis.


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