Language lessons or learning as you go: which is the easiest, fastest and best option?

If you’re looking into learning a new language then you has probably found that you’ve got plenty of options, the problem is choosing the one that is right for both your lifestyle as well as ensuring that it’s an efficient way to learn.

This guide tells you about the differences between the two and what you should be considering to ensure that you make the right choice.

Learning as you go versus Language lessons - What’s the difference?

Learning as you go invariably involves the learner going it alone and fitting in their efforts around the daily routine.

This style of learning tends not to follow a set curriculum, and for this reason the topics being learnt, and the order in which they’re learnt, may not be conducive for efficient progression.

In comparison, language lessons are more structured, follow a set routine and are designed around the student by a professional.

Language Lessons: Easier, faster, better

Given that learning as you go involves the learner finding their own materials and deciding upon what’s to be learnt people often find difficulties with moving  from a basic level (where they may learn a few basic words) to a more advanced level (where they structure phrases and progress their pronunciation). This means that language lessons are far more efficient, with the student being guided through increasingly difficult topics.

To draw on the point above, one of the main issues of learning a language is achieving correct pronunciation. This can only be achieved through face to face interaction with a professional and whilst a learner may practice repeating recordings of words found online, even the slightest of mispronunciation can completely change the meaning of what the person is saying.

Another point that is drastically different between language lessons and learning on the go is the fact that the latter tends to be undertaken in environments that are far from productive (during the daily commute, or squeezed in during lunch times, for example).

However, the main reason why language lessons are easier, faster and better than learning as you go is that the course is structured around the student and what they’re trying to achieve. So whilst one learner may be learning for a holiday, another may be learning for business purposes; the difference between these two learner’s needs are significant, and learning as you go means that these types of learners can struggle to stay on track with what they’re trying to achieve.

It’s also worth noting that many people presume that language lessons aren’t suitable for those who have particularly busy lifestyles where time schedules change on a daily basis; this is far from the case, as language lessons can be organised to change on a weekly basis and with the aid of the internet, learners can even conduct their lessons over Webcam.

Lingos offer language lessons that help even the busiest of people fit learning into their weekly schedule. Through innovative resources and engaging materials they ensure that their students learn quickly, absorbing all that the course covers.

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