Insights about Using Name Badges at the Workplace

There are many different aspects to workplace name badges. There is a lot of information about these all over the Internet, in the form of articles, quotes by experts in the fields of workplace culture and design, and short videos with great suggestions. But wouldn't it be better if there was a handy resource which summed up different aspects of the Name Badges for your workplace?

Given below is collection of insights, tips, and suggestions about different aspects of name badges. This includes finding a great design (or even designing them), the materials that one should consider (based on requirements), their advantages and more.  This should therefore serve as a "ready reckoner" when you are researching name badges.

The design and color

A simple way of considering the design of your name badge would be to look at big companies that do require name badges. You will find, invariably that the corporate colors and identity are represented, but are usually not too flashy.

The badges also should not stand out like an odd object fastened to the chest of an employee (due to its color scheme) but should be designed to blend in with the rest of the uniform.

The material you want to choose for the name badge

Metal is going to be more expensive than plastic - it will however be more durable and withstand any amount of damage from on-field, or other labour-oriented work. And, names and logos look great etched on a metal tag. Metal tags are also easy to clean. On the other hand, a metal tag can be expensive to replace if it gets lost, or you have to issue new ones constantly. Cloth name tags can get discolored easily, but are extremely affordable. These are therefore great when you have a transient workforce that might get replaced soon.

Plastic is both highly affordable and durable. It is also extremely versatile, and can be cut and molded in a variety of shapes that would be too expensive for metal. Another advantage of plastic is your ability to fit it with a microchip for security tracking. Workers can simply scan their badge when coming and going, instead of having to fill a form.

 Once you have a plastic badge ready, just laminate it to give it further protection from discoloration and you are done! There is a pretty good selection of contemporary badges that you can browse online from your computer or mobile device - just check out Australian Name Badge. They have worked with many companies across Australia, and understand the nuances of what a business requires when it comes to making durable and good looking name badges, an assortment of which is displayed on

Name Badges for Promotional Purposes

While online marketing (social media like Facebook and Twitter), YouTube and Google advertising holds sway in today's marketing universe, traditional business marketing tools like banners and leaflets are still viable.

This is because they have permanence - a one-time investment on name badges will keep you in good stead when your workers are seen at different places across the city.  

They are also a great networking tool - knowing someone's name is a powerful way to fast track networking. And, with others constantly looking at your name badge, you are repeatedly driving home the brand name and visual identity of your company.

With great printing technology and easy access to great design, you too can make your company's identity memorable. This is why you should work with a name badge maker like Australian Name Badge, which has provided support to major conferences, small industry events, and everyday business needs.

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