How to Write a Viral Blog Post

When writing a blog, you don’t simply write anything that comes in to your mind. By doing so, you are just writing a journal.

If you really want to create a viral blog post, you need to keep in touch with the current trends so that you can write about the best blog topics that others will enjoy reading. After all, going viral means being popular to any type of reader.

If you want to know how to write a viral blog post that will be read by everyone in the internet, just follow these simple blog writing tips.

Research Your Material

Remember that when you write about something, you have to be sure that the facts are always straight. Readers will not appreciate false or invented information at all. You need to check from time to time what are the current topics readers often search in the internet. Writing about popular topics will definitely reel in readers from the four corners of the world. You may even have to write about things you have no interest on. If you gain more traffic, you need to go with the flow of the masses. What better way is there to create a viral post than to write about something viral?


Please People or Rile Them Up

Another good way to get a lot of traffic for your blog is to play an advocate for something. Write something that many people will agree upon and let them spread your post across the worldwide web. The opposite can have the same effect. Be the devil’s advocate on certain popular topics and your blog post will also spread like wildfire. Just be prepared for the worst possibilities that may affect your offline life because stuff can be pretty tricky afterwards.


Learn to Follow

Following is different from copying. Keep that in mind when writing a blog. Read viral blogs and try to analyze why they have the status that they enjoy now. Use their ideas to generate your own topics. Follow their thought process without committing plagiarism.


Teach and Enlighten

Write about topics so that you impart useful knowledge to other people. People do not only read blogs to be entertained only. They also read them so they can also gather useful information and be educated. This may be a chance for you to share knowledge that you have a passion for. You can also inspire people. Write about your experiences that became a turning point in your life. You can also write a piece about a very inspiring person you know. Writing about a fictional person or happening is also good as long as you are not stepping on anyone’s toes.


If you are still having a hard time thinking of topics  to write about, below are some best blog topics that can help you.


1.)   Create a list. People love reading about the top (insert number) of about almost anything. Listing stuff will generate considerable traffic to your blog.


2.)    Say something about the news. Commenting about the current economy, fashion, crime rates, and the climate can create ripples in the internet pond.


3.)    Write a review. People tend to read about other people’s feelings on things. Write a reviews on recent movies or songs and watch the hit list rise.


4.)    How-tos. This type of blog will not only generate traffic for your blog but also give you the chance to help people with their daily struggles.


5.)    Answer commonly asked questions. Most of the time, people use search engines to look for answers for their questions. Generate traffic by giving unique, entertaining but still correct answers.


I hope you learned a thing or two on how to write a blog post after reading this article. Remember not to feel bad if your post does not become viral right away. Luck is always a factor in anything but be sure that you are also patient and a good sport when it comes to blogging. Happy writing!


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