7 Tips for Getting Into the Restaurant Business

If you have a passion for food and have always longed to start your own business, becoming a restaurant owner may be a perfect fit for you.

While this fast paced and energetic type of position can seem exciting, you can also find it a challenging task if you don’t have the right kind of experience. The following tips will help you get started.

Master the Art of Cooking

While you may not be planning on becoming an executive chef in your restaurant, having the ability to cook helps you to stay on top of the things in the kitchen.

This will also allow you the opportunity to see yourself through the chef’s eyes, so you can better understand their strengths and weaknesses.

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On-the-job experience is necessary when you want to get into the restaurant business. Beginner tasks such as washing dishes, bussing, waiting tables, bartending, cooking and acting as hostess can give you a taste of what life is like in the restaurant world.

It’s also a great way for you to see what goes on behind the scenes, so you can properly train, motivate and guide your staff once you get your own restaurant.

School and Learning

If you’re a novice when it comes to the restaurant industryyou need to learn as much as possible.

This can be done through schooling, seminars and classes. This will also help when it comes time to plan your restaurant menu and putting together sauces, food items and meals. If you plan on serving wine, you should also take courses on wine’s, and the various pairings. Continuing education classes should also be held for your wait staff, chef and other employees.

This will help you meet the needs of your clientele and allow you the chance to stay current with the latest food and wine trends. In addition to food, you also want to stay up-to-date with the hottest technological and culinary tools that can promote your restaurants success. Sites such as ChowNow. will allow you to be able to provide custom online ordering tools and white label restaurant apps.

Through email marketing, push notifications and Facebook advertising, you’ll be able to take your orders online. Because you don’t have to worry about paying a third party commission, you’ll be able to concentrate on a successful marketing campaign that keeps your customers alerted to specials, wait times and menu changes. 

Business and Accounting

A successful restaurant is savvy when it comes to budgeting and setting up the right business plan. Included in this cost-effective formula should be start-up costs, prices of menu items, employee wages and rent.

You should also spend time going over your profit and loss reports at the end of each month to ensure the right profitability.

This also allows you to continuously provide your customers with the highest level of quality without having to financially cut corners because you've run out of money. 

Location, Location, Location

Choosing the right location can make or break your restaurant, so you want to select wisely. You need to do your research ahead of time to find something that is both centrally located and easily accessible.

Even the best restaurant hidden away in the middle of a shopping center will have difficulties in becoming a success if nobody can find it.

Qualified Employees

In order to find the most qualified employees and wait staff, you want to hire well in advance of your restaurant opening.

You can also hire qualified individuals that you’ve previously worked with. Because good help can be hard to find, you want to offer your employees a competitive salary and benefits, especially when you’re looking for a talented chef. 

Food and Ambience

When putting together your restaurant, you want to design a place that suits your comfort level. If you have a background in Italian cooking with your own family recipes, you know that you’ll do well in creating dishes that will remind your customers of home.

The ambiance is just as important as the food and should be inviting and comfortable.

Continuing to market your restaurant and staying on top of its daily running will contribute to its success. With today’s social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, word of mouth can quickly encourage the growth and financial stability of a restaurant when you have excellent food and service. 

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