Career Advancement: The Uphill Climb

As the class of 2014 walks the stage, behind those nervous eyes and excited smiles may lurk a feeling of helplessness.

They've all worked so hard to graduate – and now what? has created an info graphic entitled “Career Advancement:

The Uphill Climb”, showing how your economic status, even as a child, can impact your future, and how to get beyond those generational hurdles.

For many individuals across the United States, their economic status in life is predetermined. Statistically, 62 percent of Americans born in the top fifth percent stay in the top two fifths, and 65 percent born in the bottom fifth stay in the bottom two fifths percent.

Another startling statistic: Just 14 percent of undergrad students at the most competitive universities are from families in the bottom 50 percent of incomes.

This infographic details some of the best places for upward mobility, with San Jose and Bakersfield, California coming in in the top two spots, and Tom’s River, New Jersey coming in third.  For those students heading to college, this infographic offers some advice on making the most out of your college experience.

Additionally, this infographic also gives a list of tips and advice for workers looking to get the most out of their position.

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