5 Advertising Cannels That Works For Small Business

Advertising is often viewed as expensive and the playing field of the big wigs. When advertising enters the mind of the small business owner, he immediately thinks of TV and radio placements and billboard ads.

However, admittedly, small businesses can use some form of advertising to increase their revenues. But how do small businesses afford advertising?

Advertising doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. With a little creativity, an accurate perception of the target market and the right tools, small businesses can also use advertising to their advantage.

1. Social Media Channel

  • Almost everyone is now in social media be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc. The good news is all these channels allow you to create a free account for your business. You can start engaging your customers by creating a Facebook fan page or a Twitter account. You can add your business to the local places in Google and be visible in Google Plus. If you want to reach new markets, you can pay for Facebook Ads or the other social media ads. You don’t need a very big budget to start running ads in social media.

2. Networking Events

  • These are events such as seminars or conferences where you can go and meet people. Have your business card and the company brochure ready to be able to engage with potential customers.

3. Taxi Advertising

  • If you want people to take notice of your promo or your brand, you can place ads on top of taxis. As these taxis drive around town, people can’t help but look at your colorful ads. A company that serves effective taxi advertising is ClearVisionAd.com. In fact they recently ran the ads for HBO’s Game of Thrones with resultsthat delighted HBO.

4. Flyers, Posters and Bulletin Boards

  • Despite the modern modes of advertising these days, you can still go traditional and print out flyers and posters containing your brand’s messaging. You can hire enterprising teenagers or working students to distribute these flyers for you, insert them in parked cars or post them on the neighborhood’s bulletin boards.

5. Trade Fairs

  • If your company has a product that you can showcase, then register to trade fairs. A lot of people attend trade fairs and it’s a good way to showcase what your company has to offer. You get not just new customers but also potential business partners such as suppliers and maybe even investors in a trade fair. Usually, all it would cost is just the registration fee, the booth rental and your expenses in setting up your booth.

Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. Small businesses cannot do away with advertising lest they run the risk of never gaining new customers and ultimately dying an unknown death. With a little bit of

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