Is Augmented Reality the Future of Advertising for Businesses?

Technology has become an integral part of the modern world and is benefiting lives in many ways. Many organizations are now utilizing it to find out ways to reach out to people innovatively and more effectively.

One of the widely used methods for promoting products or ideas is Augmented Reality (AR). This amazing technology has been around for quite some time and has managed to carve a niche in recent years with growing popularity.

Combine aspects of the real world with imaginative simulation by utilizing sound, sight and touch to create 3D settings. This virtual world is AR.

It’s exciting if you can visit a store and choose a desired product virtually, exploring and learning it in angles that suit your fancy. This “magic” is possible through AR. In order to establish a good brand image, several companies across the globe have started deploying this technology in their marketing campaigns.

It’s time you did too because AR definitely is the future of advertising.

AR helps to build strong brand value in the minds of end-consumers. In fact, it does it at a rate that’s at least 10 times better than conventional advertising. AR-based advertising is highly interactive in nature, engaging with customers at a pace that’s never been witnessed before. This, in turn, provides opportunities to consumers for deciding on products or services as quickly as possible.

AR opens pathways for consumer satisfaction, which in turn aids the company's growth. To put AR in perspective, this technology is nothing but a modernized version of virtual reality. AR has many important benefits, some of which are described below:


  • AR allows companies to interact with prospective customers in the most unlikely of places – areas where people least expect to see an ad! Whether it’s a bustop, a railway station or a busy shopping center, AR ads hook the viewer and will get your message across quickly.
  • AR-based advertising is miles ahead of other forms of conventional advertising when it comes to consumer engagement. People just love interacting with AR-based ads!
  • An organization's earlier media creations can be improved using AR and shared on networks. Attractive and innovative content can also be included.
  • Some users are not equipped with skills for creating professional videos. But AR gives them a chance to create such videos.


In this video Africa witnessed their first advertising campaign using augmented reality innovation; this campaign was organized by Active Media Innovations for the promotion of Basil a dish washing liquid.

Yes, AR is indeed the future of advertising. And you will be hearing and experiencing the marketing wonders it can bring about in the coming months and years!

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